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Sponsorship, donation and brochure

What is the sponsorship used for ?

In order to meet the needs of the children living at the BCH, it is essential that each child receives help from a sponsor. Unfortunately, at the present time many children still don’t have a sponsor and there isn’t sufficient funding. Each child has only one sponsor and the relationship between him or her and the sponsor is a privileged one. The money sent through sponsorship is used as follows : food 55.5%, building maintenance and repair 12.7%, wages 8.7%, clothing 8.3%, medical care 6.2%, school supplies 4.4%, hygiene products 4.2%.

The Bön Children Foundation keeps no portion of the donations. It is run exclusively by volunteers. The wages on the chart are those of the paid staff at the BCH.

Sponsorship program

You can support the education of a child at the primary, secondary or higher levels. The sponsor agrees to the sponsorship of a child for a minimum of one year. If a sponsor wishes to discontinue his commitment, the Bön Children Foundation requests three months advance notice, in order to find a new sponsor for the child. You may also join one or several friends to share sponsorship. Sponsors can directly send letters, photos or school supplies to the children. The children personally answer their mail.

Post-secondary education

Young Tibetans’ prospects are very limited. Those who are capable of pursuing post-secondary studies will have a much better chance of finding decent employment. For this sponsorship category, the donation will also be used to cover the room and board fees of the sponsored student outside of the BCH. The amounts required vary according to the chosen school and program.

Single donation

You can also make a single donation in the amount of your choice to help the Bön Children’s Home fill any of its other special needs.

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