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The Bön Children’s Home

This Home is located in the village of Dolanji. It is home to approximately 300 boys and girls ranging from 4 to 20 years of age. These children may be orphans or come from poor families unable to meet their basic needs. The BCH allows the children to receive a traditional education in their own language and provides them with a safe and loving environment. This non-profit organization has 12 employees who greet and care for the children.

The children attend the Central School for Tibetans. This school provides schooling from the first to the tenth grade. Classes are taught in English and Tibetan. Children also participate in cultural activities (chanting, dancing, games and creative activities). The BCH also supports students who want to pursue post-secondary education and encourages their social integration into the adult world.

Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche is the President-Director-Founder of the BCH. In 1988, he supervised the construction of the Home so that children from distant villages and orphans could live there. The Home initially opened its doors to 45 children. Every year the Rinpoche offers conferences, workshops and private consultations here, in Quebec.