Four children

Bön children foundation

Help us safeguard a remarkable ancient spiritual tradition, a treasure of humanity’s heritage.

How ?

Thanks to your donations, these children will have the opportunity to go to school and be educated according to their ancestral tradition. Education is a key to these children’s future survival. Thus you will contribute to saving their culture.

Who are the Bön children ?

They are the descendants of Tibetans from the Bön culture who had to flee their homeland when it was invaded by China.

Fundraiser Campaign

BCH founder and president, Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, appeals to anyone able to support the children’s education to make a donation. All funds collected will go directly to funding their university/college studies. Please help by making a donation or by sharing this video. Thank you for you support!

Below you will find examples of the graduate studies our students wish to enroll in, and their respective total fees for one year (tuition, accommodation, food):

1000 USD or 800 euros
BHC Nursing
2000 USD or 1600 euros
Business Administration
2000 USD or 1600 euros
Bachelor’s of Arts
1120 USD or 950 euros

We appreciate your support!